Data is Everything

Machina — is a sharded data storage structure that is designed to provide scalable, cost-efficient, and immediately retrievable information on-chain. Machina leverages the unique properties of Nightshade sharding of NEAR and provides a seamless economic model utilizing stablecoins.


Immutability of Data and Storing Data On-Chain

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Feature 1

Collectively share the value of knowledge

The fascination behind immutable data storage lies in the intrinsic aspiration of human beings to express themselves without being personally beholden to any particular party; retroactively observe the changes and trickle of time without losing priceless information in the stream of entropy; collectively share the value of knowledge and preserve pristineness thereof.

Feature 2

Freely exchange, communicate and retain agreements

We are quite frequently met with the opposing force of censure and silencing that halt free speech and impair any nonconforming exploits. Blockchain technology in its primordial concept aims to upheave any oppressing instantiations and enable people to freely exchange, communicate, and retain contractual agreements to the predetermined immutable conditions.

Therefore data, its integrity, and availability are crucial aspects that ought to be preserved to the deserving degree.

Machina strives to provide people with the on-chain, secure, and reliable way to store, transmit, and exchange data in an environment that is immutable and freely accessible, and/or readable.

Machina - Novel Way to Store Data Immutably, Securely, and Cheaply


Since Machina employs sharded data availability heuristics, it can scale up the data stored proportionally to the number of validators joining the network.


PoS consensus as the means of validating blocks

Feature 3

Energy-efficient Consensus

Energy-efficient and computationally less burdening consensus allows to nullify the energy output needed for the network to run.

Feature 4

Scalability & Decentralization

Stemming from the first point, PoS, unlike PoW, doesn't require a potential validator to possess a powerful machine in order to produce blocks, in essence allowing anyone to join the network and scale the storage size. Supplementarily, it also plays a deciding role in decentralization allowing more nodes to join the network making it increasingly more dispersed and less predisposed to the common intrusions.

Machina - Shaping
the New Mould of Storage on NEAR

Feature 5

File-based Storage

Machina will use file-based storage, storing every transaction directly into it, removing the runtime needed to actuate the retrieval or uploading period.

Feature 6

On-chain Data

Machina enables on-chain data to be accessible on-chain coupled with all of the security measures innate to the blockchain such as consensus and decentralization.

Feature 7

Smart Contracts Development

This will aid in ushering a new way of smart contract development that will allow a far wider scope of possibilities to innovate in. By instituting a reliable, immediately retrievable, and always-online on-chain storage solution that can be utilized, with the help of EVMs such as Aurora, to also be applied to Solidity-based Smart Contracts.